Flash Level 1

Course length: 2.0 day(s)

Course Description
Course Objective: You will create and manipulate a wide variety of objects ranging from simple graphic designs to complex animation sequences using the Adobe® Flash® CS5 application.

Prerequisites: To gain the most from this class, students should be familiar with the Windows environment (XP for those using the guide and Vista for online users), be familiar with the Web and its terminologies, have a basic frame of reference for graphic and design applications, and have a desire to know the basic terminologies and components of ActionScript™ and its role as a Flash programming language.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
* get started with Flash CS5.
* add shapes, color, and lines with drawing and painting tools.
* create symbols and instances.
* identify and compare image types.
* manipulate objects.
* create and modify text and convert text to shapes.
* identify animation tools and features and create an animation.
* enter simple code in ActionScript and add a code snippet to Flash.

Course Content
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Flash
Topic 1A: Identify Components of the Flash Interface
Topic 1B: Customize the Flash Interface
Topic 1C: Introduce Rich Media Design Principles

Lesson 2: Adding Shapes, Colors, and Lines with Drawing and Painting Tools
Topic 2A: Identify Flash Drawing and Painting Components
Topic 2B: Apply and Customize Colors
Topic 2C: Use Drawing and Painting Tools
Topic 2D: Work with Interacting Objects

Lesson 3: Creating Symbols and Instances
Topic 3A: Create Symbols
Topic 3B: Create Symbol Instances

Lesson 4: Identifying Image Types
Topic 4A: Identify Copyright and Citation Requirements
Topic 4B: Compare Vector and Bitmap Images
Topic 4C: Optimize Bitmap Images for Flash

Lesson 5: Manipulating Objects
Topic 5A: Select Objects Using the Selection Tools
Topic 5B: Transform Objects
Topic 5C: Organize Objects with Layers

Lesson 6: Working with Text
Topic 6A: Add Text to a Document
Topic 6B: Create Text Fields

Lesson 7: Using Animation Basics to Create Animations
Topic 7A: Create Animations with Frames and Keyframes
Topic 7B: Create Tween Animations

Lesson 8: Getting Started with ActionScript™
Topic 8A: An Introduction to ActionScript
Topic 8B: Coding with Basic ActionScript
Topic 8C: Use Code Snippets