Forecasting and Master Scheduling

Length: 1 day

Description: Now you can slash manufacturing and inventory costs while improving customer service through just-in-time forecasting and scheduling. Manufacturing managers and supervisors will discover proven skill-building exercises and five major forecasting tools to help them keep their businesses competitive.

Table Of Contents:
Module 1: Today’s Key Competitive Challenges
Today’s Business Challenges
Industry’s Top Seven Competitive Issues

Module 2: Long-Term Planning: The Keys to JIT Forecasting and Master Scheduling
Business Planning
Environments and Their Effects on Inventory Management
Production and Resource Planning
Balancing the Imbalances
Conflicting Goals of Strategic Planning

Module 3: JIT Forecasting: The Model
Forecasted Sales
JIT Forecasting Objectives
The Forecasting Model
Forecast Error
Five Steps to a JIT Forecasting Model

Module 4: JIT Forecasting: The Tools
Forecasting Tools
Using Intrinsic Forecasting Tools
Using Extrinsic Forecasting Tools
Forecasting Methods
The Key to JIT Forecasting
The 80/20 Rule

Module 5: JIT Master Scheduling
Why JIT Master Scheduling?
Steps to Developing the Master Schedule