High Performance Hiring

Length: 1 day

Description: Investing time and care in employee selection is essential to building a highly skilled, productive workforce. This course provides solid information on everything a hiring manager needs to know to select the right person for the job, from conducting interviews and checking references to understanding important hiring laws. The course also includes practical advice on using the Internet as a hiring tool, something more organizations are capitalizing on today.

Table Of Contents:
Finding and Retaining the Best
The Hiring Skills Inventory

Part 1: What Are You Looking For?
The Role of Job Audits and Descriptions
Providing Purpose
Conducting a Job Audit
Questions to Ask During a Job Audit
Building a Job Description

Part 2: The Legal Side of Hiring
Know the Law
Federal Legislation
Who Is Protected?
Affirmative Action
State and Local Legislation

Part 3: Reviewing Resumes and Applications
The Role of Resumes and Applications
Reviewing a Resume
Evaluating Cover Letters
Reviewing an Application
Narrowing the List
The Value of Telephone Screening

Part 4: Interviewing Effectively
Establishing the Interviewing Process
Questions to Ask
Consider the Setting
Conducting the Interview
Interviewing While Walking Around
Selling the Organization’s Image
Evaluating the Candidates

Part 5: Testing
A Requisite of Employment
Paper-and-Pencil Tests
Drug and Alcohol Tests
Deciding Whether to Test
Medical Screening

Part 6: Conducting Reference Checks
Overcoming Obstacles
Questions to Ask of Former Employers
Evaluating References
Credential and Credit Checks

Part 7: Decision Making and Offers
Matching the Candidate to the Criteria
Securing the Best
Notifying the Candidates
Making the Offer