ISO 9000+

Length: 1 day

Description: This┬ácourse introduces you to ISO 9000. You’ll learn how to get certified, discover how ISO 9000 will streamline your business practices, and see how ISO 9000 can result in higher customer confidence in your product and services.

Table Of Contents:
Section 1: The ISO 9000 Series
ISO-The Wave of the Future
What Does It Take?
What Are the Benefits of Certification?
Costs Versus Benefits

Section 2: The ISO Family of Standards
What is ISO Made Up Of?
Which ISO Standard to Choose?

Section 3: The Twenty Elements of ISO 9000 Series Quality
The Twenty Elements
ISO 9000 Series Compliance Checklist

Section 4: On the Road to Certification
A Cautionary Note
How Long Does Certification Take?
Fourteen Steps to Certification
Develop Your Customized Readiness-Assessment Checklist
The Most Frequently Asked Questions About ISO 9000

Section 5: ISO 9000 Reference Handbook
Details of the ISO 9000 Series Elements

Part 1: ISO 9000 References, Organizations and Software
Part 2: Unofficial List of U.S. Quality System Registrars
Part 3: New ISO Developments