Lotus Notes 8 Databases

Length: 1 day

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following Element K course: Introduction to Personal Computers Using Windows XP

Performance-Based Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
• access the Notes database application.
• work with database documents.
• modify database documents.
• enhance database documents by creating tables, hotspots, and sections.
• arrange database documents in folders.
• search database documents.
• work remotely with the Notes database.
• work with blogs in a Notes database.

Course Content
Lesson 1: Getting Started with the Notes Database Application
Topic 1A: Log In to the Notes Application
Topic 1B: Open the Notes Database Application
Topic 1C: Create Bookmarks

Lesson 2: Working with Database Documents
Topic 2A: Open Database Documents
Topic 2B: Create Main Topic Documents
Topic 2C: Create Response Documents
Topic 2D: Delete Database Documents

Lesson 3: Modifying Database Documents
Topic 3A: Edit a Document
Topic 3B: Check Spelling
Topic 3C: Format Text in a Document
Topic 3D: Create Named Styles

Lesson 4: Enhancing Database Documents
Topic 4A: Create Tables
Topic 4B: Create Hotspots
Topic 4C: Create Sections

Lesson 5: Organizing Database Documents
Topic 5A: Create Views
Topic 5B: Create Folders
Topic 5C: Move Documents Into a Folder

Lesson 6: Searching Database Documents
Topic 6A: Create Full-Text Indices
Topic 6B: Perform a Search

Lesson 7: Working Remotely with Databases
Topic 7A: Replicate Notes Database Applications
Topic 7B: Secure the Notes Client Environment

Lesson 8: Working with Blogs
Topic 8A: Create a Blog
Topic 8B: Edit a Blog