Making Training Lively

Length: 1 day

Description: In this course, you will learn 50 tips that will make live training more exciting, memorable and fun. These proven techniques for effective seminars, classes, workshops, and conferences can help you to become a creative, dynamic trainer who makes a difference.

Table Of Contents:
Why Live Training Is Worth It
The Growing Need to Make Training Lively

Part 1: Start Off on the Right Foot
Tip 1: Draw the Right People to Your Training
Tip 2: Arrange for an Endorsement
Tip 3: Tailor Your Training to the Attendees
Tip 4: Take Notice of the Group Mix
Tip 5: Understand Generational Differences
Tip 6: Create a Welcoming Environment
Tip 7: Pique Interest in the Topic
Tip 8: Begin with a Bang
Tip 9: Focus on Results from the Start
Tip 10: Establish Your Credibility as a Trainer
Tip 11: Connect with Your Participants
Tip 12: Show That You Care

Part 2: Rev Up Participants with Your Delivery Style
Tip 13: Warm Up the Group for Participation
Tip 14: Choose Good Icebreakers
Tip 15: Enliven Your Delivery
Tip 16: Include an Element of Surprise
Tip 17: Inject Some Theatrics
Tip 18: Appeal to the Senses
Tip 19: Vary the Format and Use of Your Handouts
Tip 20: Avoid Competing with Your Visual Aids
Tip 21: Use a Mix of Activities
Tip 22: Keep Time on Your Side

Part 3: Promote Interactive Learning
Tip 23: Engage Participants in the Training
Tip 24: Make It Easy for People to Interact
Tip 25: Make It Safe for People to Participate
Tip 26: Help Participants Team Up
Tip 27: Get People Started with Structured Interaction
Tip 28: Cultivate Discussion
Tip 29: Ask the Right Questions
Tip 30: Apply Active Learning Techniques
Tip 31: Invite Participants to Take the Lead
Tip 32: Have Trainees Summarize Learning Points

Part 4: Facilitate Achievement Through Your Leadership
Tip 33: Keep Participants on the Right Track
Tip 34: Give Clear Instructions
Tip 35: Ensure Success
Tip 36: Maintain a Supportive Environment
Tip 37: Use Course Content to Reinforce Learning
Tip 38: Reinforce Participant Involvement
Tip 39: Catch Trainees Doing Things Right
Tip 40: Reinforce Involvement by Recording Contributions
Tip 41: Encourage Responses with List-Building Techniques
Tip 42: Avoid Pitfalls in Recording
Tip 43: Get Participants Writing
Tip 44: Build Rewards into the Training Session

Part 5: Demonstrate Respect for Participants
Tip 45: Treat Participants as Colleagues
Tip 46: Speak Respectfully
Tip 47: Use the Fogging Technique to Mitigate Tension
Tip 48: Avoid Triggering Defensiveness
Tip 49: Maintain High Expectations
Tip 50: Celebrate Accomplishments