Manager’s Guide to OSHA Basics

Length: 1 day

Description: The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 affects nearly every individual who works for an employer. This law helps ensure workplace safety and protects employees from health hazards on the job. Until 1970, comprehensive provisions did not exist on a national basis, but over the intervening years, OSHA has had a profound and positive effect on safety activities in the United States–accidents and injuries have declined, occupational health issues have received attention, and employers have gained greater control over workers’ compensation costs. A MANAGER’S GUIDE TO OSHA is designed to help managers and human resource professionals become familiar with this important law, and offers guidance and helpful advice on what to expect during OSHA inspections, what citations or penalties can be proposed, and how to appeal if necessary. This revised edition contains the most recent information related to OSHA, and comes complete with forms and other helpful resources in the Appendix.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act
Introducing OSHA
OSHA’s Role in Safety and Health
The OSH Act’s Broad Coverage
State Job Safety and Health Programs
OSHA Standards and Regulations
How OSHA Standards Are Set
Key OSHA Standards
Variances from the Standards
Responsibilities and Rights Under OSHA
Employee Rights
Employee Responsibilities
Monitoring Injury and Illness
Safety and Health Training

Part 2: Anticipating OSHA Inspections
What to Expect from OSHA
Unannounced Investigations
OSHA’s Inspection Priorities
Being Prepared for an OSHA Visit
Prelude to an Inspection
OSHA’s Opening Conference
Management Actions at the Opening Conference
The Inspection Tour
Management Actions During the Inspection
The Closing Conference

Part 3: OSHA Violations and Consequences
Citations and Penalties
Categories of OSHA Violations
Adjustments to Penalty Amounts
Appealing Citations
Planning for the Appeal Process
Preparing for the Informal Conference
How the Informal Conference Can Help You
Protocol at the Informal Conference
Contesting an OSHA Citation
The OSHA Review Commission

Part 4: Getting Help from OSHA
OSHA Consultation Services
Voluntary Protection Programs
Other OSHA Services