New Employee Orientation

Length: 1 day

Description: Learn how to start new employees off on the right foot. Checklists and exercises show managers and supervisors how to create a motivating climate for new hires. Readers learn how to develop and implement a customized orientation plan for new employees (both salaried and hourly).

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: The Benefits of Proper Orientation
Are You Meeting Your Objectives?
Why a Planned Orientation Pays Dividends
How Did Your Orientation Rate?
Provide a Welcome.
Planning Worksheet
Develop Positive Perceptions
What Perception Do You Create?
Case Study: Marge Jackson Develops New Perceptions

Part 2: Planning for Success
Planning for Success
Were Your Expectations Met?
Define your Expectations
Set the Stage for Training
Putting the Employee at Ease on the First Day
Planning the Orientation
Case Study: Susan Beal’s Expectations

Part 3: Orientation for Permanent Employees
Do It Right and Only Do It Once
Does Your Employee Kit Include?
Orientation Template
Involve the Employee
Orientation Is an On-going Process
Case Study: Mary’s Orientation
The First Day On the Job
Your First Day
How to Have a Successful New Employee Orientation
Company History
Tour the Workplace
Complete All Paperwork
Job Description/Organization Chart
Assign a Task
Plan for Lunch
Operations Orientation
Closing the Day
Sample Orientation Plan

Part 4: Orientation for Part-Time Workers
Do You Need a Fast Track Orientation Program?
Who Needs Fast Track Orientation
Special Problems and Opportunities
Fast Track Objectives
How to Do It and What to Cover
Mini-Orientation Package
Prepare a Packaged Overview
Conduct Group Meetings
Arrange Meeting Place
Share Responsibility for the Presentation
Prepare Orientation Packets
Orientation Handbook
Case Study: Fast Track or Off Track?

Part 5: Putting It All Together
Putting It All Together
Orientation Checklist
Orientation Template