Organizational Vision, Values and Mission

Length: 1 day

Description: The leader of today has a vision for tomorrow: a vision that is clear, achievable, motivating, and exciting. Managing by vision allows an organization to create its future. This course shows managers how to develop organizational vision, values, and mission to build team spirit and productivity.

Table Of Contents:
The Process of Visioning
Understanding the Process
The Essence-Driven Organization
Organizational Renewal Cycle
Visionary Leadership

Step 1: Clarify Values
Identifying Values
Linking Personal and Organizational Values
Values Cards
Values and Teams

Step 2: Scan the Current Situation
Exploring Your Current State
History of the Organization
Opportunities and Threats

Step 3: Define the Mission
Checking Your Mission
Organizational or Team Mission Statements
Pitfalls in Creating Mission Statements

Step 4: Create a Vision
Picturing Excellence
Vision and Performance
Visioning Releases Spirit
The Power of Preferred Imagery
How to Begin
Visioning Tools
Overall Visioning Process

Step 5: Implement the Vision
Communicating the Vision
Living the Vision
Outcomes of Visioning Process