PageMaker Level 1

Length: 1 day

Prerequisites:  To ensure your success, we recommend you have experience using your computer’s operating system.

Performance-Based Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Navigate in the PageMaker environment.
• Set up a document.
• Import text and graphics.
• Format text using fonts, sizes, type styles, indents, alignment, and tabs.
• Use styles to format text.
• Use master pages and guides to design a document’s layout.
• Add page numbers to a document.
• Wrap text around a graphic.
• Create a booklet
• Create and use templates.

Course Content
Lesson 1: Creating a Newsletter
Topic 1A: The PageMaker Environment
Topic 1B: Document Setup
Topic 1C: Typing Text and Manipulating Text Blocks
Topic 1D: Basic Text Formatting
Topic 1E: Importing and Manipulating Graphics
Topic 1F: Using Master Pages

Lesson 2: Using Text
Topic 2A: Importing Text
Topic 2B: Spacing Text
Topic 2C: Indenting Text
Topic 2D: Using Tabs
Topic 2E: Using Styles
Topic 2F: Using the Story Editor

Lesson 3: Using Graphics
Topic 3A: Drawing Shapes
Topic 3B: Applying Colors
Topic 3C: Text Wrapping
Topic 3D: Manipulating Graphics
Topic 3E: Cropping Graphics
Topic 3F: Inline Graphics

Lesson 4: Printing with PageMaker
Topic 4A: Creating and Applying Spot Colors
Topic 4B: Updating Links
Topic 4C: Creating a Booklet
Topic 4D: Printing a Proof
Topic 4E: Collecting Files for Output

Lesson 5: Creating an Identity System
Topic 5A: Creating Templates
Topic 5B: Using Templates
Topic 5C: Drag and Drop Between Documents
Topic 5D: Using a Library