PageMaker Level 2

Length: 1 day

Prerequisites:  To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following Element K course or have equivalent knowledge:
• PageMaker: Level 1

Performance-Based Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Choose fonts appropriately.
• Balance columns.
• Use frames to contain graphics.
• Organize a document using layers.
• Use color management and set up color separations for four or more ink printing.
• Create and format tables using Adobe Table.

Course Content
Lesson 1: Formatting Using Advanced Typography
Topic 1A: Choose Typefaces
Topic 1B: Balance Columns
Topic 1C: Align Type
Topic 1D: Align Type to a Grid
Topic 1E: Kern Type
Topic 1F: Hyphenate Text
Topic 1G: Create Type Effects

Lesson 2: Applying Advanced Layout Techniques
Topic 2A: Use Graphics Frames
Topic 2B: Use Layers
Topic 2C: Adjust Layout Automatically
Topic 2D: Create Multiple Master Pages

Lesson 3: Applying Color Management and Printing
Topic 3A: Define CMYK and Spot Colors
Topic 3B: Set Up Color Management
Topic 3C: Use Color Management
Topic 3D: Create Printer Styles
Topic 3E: Print Color Separations
Topic 3F: Control Inks

Lesson 4: Creating Tables
Topic 4A: Create a New Table
Topic 4B: Import Table Text
Topic 4C: Format Text in a Table
Topic 4D: Format a Table
Topic 4E: Change Borders and Shading
Topic 4F: Use Tables in PageMaker

Lesson 5: Creating Acrobat PDF Documents
Topic 5A: Export a PDF Document
Topic 5B: Create a PDF for Print
Topic 5C: Set Up Hyperlinks
Topic 5D: Create a PDF for the Web