Preparing for Your Interview

Length: 1 day

Description: Learn insider information on how to develop successful interviewing techniques. This concise, practical guide prepares and primes interviewees for the job-hunting process. It provides tips on do’s and don’ts of interviews, including how to avoid common interview-related mistakes.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Types of Interviews
Part 2: Research
Part 3: Setting Up the Interview
Part 4: The Interview
Part 5: Who Are Recruiters?
Part 6: Interviewing Techniques
Part 7: Body Language and Dress
Part 8: Negotiating Salary
Part 9: Negotiating Benefits
Part 10: References
Part 11: Legalities
Part 12: Contacts/Nepotism
Part 13: Interviewing the Interviewer
Part 14: Personality and Chemistry
Part 15: How Interviewers Reach a Decision
Part 16: For Students and Recent College Graduates Only
Part 17: Post-Interview
Part 18: Do’s and Don’t
Tools of the Trade