Preventing Workplace Violence

Length: 1 day

Description: This course examines warning signs of workplace violence, why these signs are sometimes not recognized, and how to prevent violence in the workplace from occurring. This course also explores how prevalent the problem is and aggravating factors that can make an already difficult employee violent.

Table Of Contents:
Section 1: Understanding Violence in the Workplace
Definition of Workplace Violence
Facts about Workplace Violence
Factors Linked with Increased Workplace Violence
Identifying Potentially Violent Employees
Is Your Organization Prepared?

Section 2: Violence Prevention Strategies
Preventing Critical Incidents Is Crucial
The Elements of Prevention
Assemble a Crisis Management Team
Mobilize Professional Advisors
Create a Crisis Management Plan
Establish a Violence-Protection Policy
Know Your Employment Laws
Use Proper Employee-Selection Techniques
Recognize Signs of Trouble
Provide Coaching or Counseling
Take Disciplinary Action

Section 3: Crisis Management
Recognize and Mobilize
What to Do During a Crisis
Ten Pitfalls to Avoid During a Critical Incident
Tips on Nonverbal Communication
Helping Employees Get Through the Trauma
What to Do After a Critical Incident

Section 4: Case Studies
Test Your Knowledge