Professionalism in the Office

Length: 1 day

Description: The role of the administrative assistant has blossomed into many different roles with the advent of new communication tools and the many changes in the workforce. This course blends the idea, the tasks, and the roles of the administrative assistant and to show how the standards and professionalism that the administrative role embraced can be modernized and shared throughout an office.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Positioning Yourself as a Professional
Developing a “Big Picture” Viewpoint
It’s Your Choice
Your Attitude and Your Job
What Is an Office, Anyway?
Taking Action

Part 2: Enhancing Your Professional Image
Assessing Your Image
The Benefits of a Professional Image
Updating Your Office Skills
Becoming More Marketable
Looking Professional
Non-Verbal Communication or Body Language
Remaining Politically Correct

Part 3: Expanding Your Skills
Enhancing Your Role
Prioritizing Work Overload
Setting Priorities
Time-Management Tips
Identify Your Stressors
Long-Range Planning
Using Project-Management Techniques
Decision Making in Six Easy Steps
Rate Your Decision-Making Skills

Part 4: Communicating for Results
Communication Skills
Writing with Confidence
Writing E-Mails
Make Every Letter a Sales Letter
Conveying Bad News Tactfully
How Well Do You Listen?
Effective Presentation Skills
Using Laptops and LCD Panels Effectively
Techniques for Videoconferencing
Planning for Meetings
Becoming an Effective Facilitator
When Your Manager Travels to a Meeting

Part 5: Building Relationships and Networks
Interpersonal Skills
Understanding Your Personality
Building a Network
Professional Organizations
Resolving Conflict in Your Office
You and Your Manager: A Unique Relationship
Limiting Interruptions