Quality At Work

Length: 1 day

Description: Professional results are based on high personal quality standards. This course explains why personal quality standards are essential and establishes guidelines to help you develop and apply them on the job.

Table Of Contents:
Section 1: Quality Consciousness
Quality Consciousness Checklist
Where There’s Smoke
The ‘No Worse’ Trap
What Quality Is and Is Not
Why Worry About Quality?
Twenty Reasons to Adopt a Quality Program
The Challenge of Quality

Section 2: Personal Quality Standards
Notice Your Personal Standards
Preparing to Develop Personal Standards
My Personal Standards
Is This Personal Quality? You Decide!
Lighting the Quality M-A-T-C-H
The Q-MATCH Test
Quality and Expectations
P-A-S Options for Quality
Personal Standard Measurement Form
What Makes Us Compromise (Cheat)?

Section 3: The Three C’s of Quality

Section 4: Your Organization’s Goals
Your Mission Position
Setting Quality Standards

Section 5: P.S. The Perfection Standards
P.S. (Perfection Standards)
Putting P.S. to Work
The Seven-Step Plan for Measuring Quality Performance
An Action-Oriented Quality Plan

Section 6: The “How To” of Quality
1. Identify and Solve Quality Problems
2. Assure Customer Satisfaction
3. Measure Results
4. Reward Quality Performance
5. Set Up Quality Groups
6. Provide Quality Training
7. Assess the Cost of Quality
8. Establish Your Quality Program
9. Support Your Quality Program
10. How to Make Quality Work

Section 7: A Mention of Prevention
Principles of Prevention
How to Prevent Errors
Prevention Vs. Correction