Quality Interviewing

Length: 1 day

Description: Avoid the seven unforgivable mistakes of interviewing. Use this concise, quick-read book to help you master the interviewing process and make sound hiring decisions you won’t regret. You’ll learn how to easily assess strengths and weaknesses, and what to look for in a prospective employee. It’s just as invaluable for job seekers!

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Planning for the Interview
Equal Employment Opportunity Considerations
Illegal Employment Practices
Meet Some Successes and Failures
The Importance of the Selection Interview
Interview Styles
Interviewer’s Self-Assessment
How to Define Job Requirements
Job Specifications Worksheet
Case 1: Mary Ann’s Replacement Problem
How to Prepare an Interview Action Plan

Part 2: Conducting a Quality Interview
Gaining the Applicants’ Cooperation and Confidence
How to Gather Job-Related Data from Applicants
Case 2: The Silent Candidate
Questions That Yield Pertinent Information
Using Probes in Interviewing
Practicing with Questions
Satisfy the Applicant’s Need for Information

Part 3: Evaluating the Candidates and Making the Best Decision
General Principles Governing Applicant Evaluation
How to Evaluate Candidates Objectively
Comparison of Candidates to Position Requirements
Case 3: The Unproductive Salesperson

Part 4: Reviewing What Has Been Learned
Review of the Dynamics of Interviewing
Candidate Disposition
Case 4: What Should You Tell Joy Jensen
Seven Unforgivable Mistakes
Reading Review
Reading Review Answers
Develop a Personal Action Plan
Voluntary Contract
Author’s Suggested Answers to Cases
Author’s Responses to Practicing with Questions
Discriminatory or Non-Discriminatory
Information Needed by the Applicant
Checking References
Bibliography and Resources