Rapid Team Deployment

Length: 1 day

Description: This integrated approach to high-performance team building delivers the how-tos of planning, structuring, recruiting, and improving. You don’t need years of experience as a team leader to elicit successful outcomes. You just need to know the basics, which youll find in this concise guide that takes you from initial strategy setting to final follow-up.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Defining Team Direction
Team Mechanics
Stages of Team Development
To Team or Not to Team?
Rapid Team Deployment
The Team Environment
Defining Team Requirements
Management Support Roles
Establishing Team Leadership
Team Facilitator

Part 2: Organizing Your Team
Team Recruitment
Team Charter
Briefing the Team
Master Planning

Part 3: Team Building Dynamics
Team Kick-Off
Team Ground Rules
Team Training
Handling Team Differences

Part 4: Accelerating Teamwork
Increasing Your Team’s Pace
Project Management
Unsticking Stuck Teams
Adjusting Team Membership

Part 5: Team Wrap-Up