Retaining Employees

Length: 1 day

Description: Companies of all sizes are finding an urgent new priority–keeping employees. This course takes the reader through the critical ideas of employee retention using what is called the Three Rs of Employee Retention–Respect, Recognition, and Rewards–as the basis for any program designed to keep people around.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Keeping Employees–and Keeping Them Satisfied
The Importance of Retaining Employees
Finding and Keeping Employees: The Challenges
The Three Rs of Employee Retention

Part 2: Respect
The Essential Ingredient of a Hard-to-Leave Workplace
Rule 1: Be Considerate
Rule 2: Care About Employees as Individuals, Appreciating Their Unique Strengths
Rule 3: Always Be Fair
Rule 4: Trust Your Employees
Rule 5: Be Worthy of Trust
Rule 6: Involve Employees
Rule 7: Make the Workplace Pleasant and Safe
Summary: Reviewing the Rules of Respect

Part 3: Recognition
Redefining Recognition
Acknowledging Employees
Formal Acknowledgment
Feedback Matters!
Fostering Communication
Acknowledging Workplace Transitions
Enabling Professional Growth
Evaluating Performance
Summary: Recognition’Mastering the Basics

Part 4: Rewards
Types of Rewards
Fostering Retention Through Quality-of-Life Rewards
Enriching the Workplace
Creating a Fun Workplace
Celebrating in the Workplace
About Compensation
Summary: Recognizing the Right Type of Reward

Part 5: You Can Make a Great Place to Work!
You Are the Key
Getting Started Means Getting Feedback
Making Your Game Plan