Risk Management

Length: 1 day

Description: This course is about managing business risks by examining worst-case scenarios and putting safeguards into place to mitigate loss of revenue, market share, customers, and other assets. Included are exercises and forms to help readers put the principles into use in their own organization. Risk Management shows business managers how to ask the right questions to protect the assets of the company and, by following a realistic case study, how to develop a risk management strategy and ensure its success.

Table Of Contents:
What is risk?

Part 1: Defining Risk
The Multiple Facets of Risk
A Typology of Risk
The Nature of Risk
Integrated Risk Management
Assessing Risk Appetite
Legal Brief: Know the Law

Part 2: Assessing the Risks
Risk Mapping
The ABC Classification of Risks
Net Present Value to Assess New Projects
Perceived Risk vs. Actual Risk
Using Stress Tests to Assess Catastrophic Risk
Legal Brief: Assessing Legal Risks

Part 3: Managing the Risks
Addressing the Risks
Accepting That Zero Risk Is Not an Option
Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Crisis Management and Communication
Using Data Models vs. Common Sense
Legal Brief: Reducing Legal Risk

Part 4: Controlling the Risks
Internal Control Systems
Detective, Preventive, and Protective Systems
Corporate Governance Risk
Audit Risk
Management Audits
The New Role of the Risk Manager
Implementing a Reasonable Approach Toward Risk
Legal Brief: Knowing and Watching the Law