Risk Taking

Length: 1 day

Description: The critical skills taught in this course will help you find working solutions for complicated problems, determine how much risk is acceptable in a situation, learn a process for moving from decision to action, and handle risk with more awareness, skill, and confidence. Decision making always involves some level of risk. Learning the necessary skills to assess and minimize the uncertainty can remove some of the possible damage and fear involved in taking risks. This course presents an array of techniques to analyze and deal with risk, using checklists, exercises, and questionnaires to help you understand your own comfort levels with risk and how you can approach it with greater confidence.

Table Of Contents:
Understanding Risk Taking
Guiding Principles

Part 1: Exploration
Step 1: Clarify Objectives and Values
Step 2: Identify and Evaluate Alternatives
Step 3: Assess Your Risk-Taking Tendencies

Part 2: Planning and Preparation
Step 4: Choose a Change Strategy
Step 5: Choose a Decision-Making Strategy
Step 6: Improve Reward/Risk Ratio

Part 3: Implementation, Follow-Up, and Learning
Step 7: Overcome the Barriers to Appropriate Risk Taking
Step 8: Take Action, Evaluate Outcomes, and Follow Up

Part 4: Summary Review
Other Resources