Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Length: 1 day

Description: Sexual harassment is a serious concern in today’s business world. The balance of power in the workplace has changed dramatically in the past several decades as more and more women have entered the workforce, and as men and women have had to adapt to new “rules” governing behavior. This revised edition of SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE helps readers understand what sexual harassment is, what actions can be considered sexual harassment under federal, state, and local laws, how to set up procedures to handle claims of sexual harassment in the workplace, and how to create a positive workplace free of sexual harassment.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Origins of Workplace Sexual Harassment
The Shifting Balance of Power Between the Sexes
How Prevalent Is Sexual Harassment?
Who Are the Victims and Who Are the Accused?
Effects of Societal Stereotypes
Effects on Individuals and the Workplace

Part 2: Defining Sexual Harassment Under the Law
The EEOC Addresses Sexual Harassment
EEOC Guidelines
Sexual Harassment and the Courts
What Actions Are Sexual Harassment?
Vicarious Employer Liability
Potential Costs of Legal Defense and Damages
Sexual Harassment vs. Sex Discrimination

Part 3: Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Developing a Policy Against Sexual Harassment
Communicating the Organization’s Policy
Instituting Training to Prevent Harassment
Step 1: Auditing Current Policies and Patterns
Step 2: Designing the Training Program
Step 3: Implementing the Training
Step 4: Evaluating the Training’s Effectiveness
Counseling Employees Who Have Felt Harassed
Handling Employee Privacy Concerns

Part 4: Handling Sexual Harassment Complaints
Investigating Sexual Harassment
Choosing Suitable Investigators
Collecting Documentation
Interviewing the Complainant
Interviewing the Accused
Interviewing Witnesses
Resolving the Complaint

Part 5: Involving Governmental Agencies and the Courts
Seeking Assistance Outside the Organization
Filing an Administrative Charge
Settling the Case Through Mediation
Understanding the Agency Investigative Process
Receiving the Agency’s Determination
Going to Court

Part 6: Maintaining a Positive Work Environment
Valuing a Harassment-Free Workplace
Putting a Stop to Unwelcome Behavior