Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service

Length: 1 day

Description: Give employees effective telephone skills and you will see what a powerful business tool the phone can be. Everything from voice inflection to follow-up calls is covered in this course. Understand customers’ needs. Ask effective questions. Master proper telephone techniques.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Quality Customer Service
You Play a Key Role
Customer Service Is Everyone’s Responsibility
The Importance of the Telephone Within Your Organization

Part 2: Proper Telephone Skills
Skill 1: Handing the Telephone
Skill 2: Mastering Voice Inflection
Skill 3: Using Your Best Voice
Skill 4: Addressing the Caller
Skill 5: Answering the Telephone
Skill 6: Practicing Effective Listening
Skill 7: Managing Objections
Skill 8: Learning the Art of Negotiation
Skill 9: Making the Service Follow-up Call
Skill 10: Asking Questions
Skill 11: Making the Outbound Service Call
Skill 12: Delivering Bad News
Skill 13: Managing Different Caller Behaviors
Skill 14: Managing Telephone Messages
Skill 15: Managing the Customer Callback
Skill 16: Avoiding Statements that Give the Wrong Impression
Skill 17: Managing Technology
Skill 18: Closing the Conversation

Part 3: Understanding Customer Needs
Take Time to Understand
What Your Customer Wants
Interpreting Customer Needs
Attitude Is Your Key to Success
Quality Customer Service Defined

Part 4: Managing the Customer’s Perception
Create a Positive Image
Your Telephone Service Skills Inventory
Your Action Plan for Better Service