The Telephone and Time Management

Length: 1 day

Description: Improve your work day by learning to control your time on the telephone. This course helps you identify telephone time stresses, communicate a message more effectively, and get more done.

Table Of Contents:
Section 1: Telephone Time Stress
Are You Getting Short-Changed on the Phone?
Telephone Technology and the Human Factor
Assess Your Telephone Stress Level

Section 2: It Starts with the Time of Your Voice
Voice Tone Says It All
Confessions of a Midnight Operator
The 30% Solution
You Can Hear a Smile
Three Strategies for Toning Up Your Voice
In Case of Emergency
Case Study

Section 3: Tackling Telephone Interruptions
Interrupt Interruptions
Put a Clock on Personal Calls
Help Your Callers Come to the Point
Bridge Back to Your Point
Wrap It Up Without Being Rude

Section 4: Getting Through to People
Five Strategies for Reaching Your Target
Use the Five W’s and an H
Don’t Grow Old on Hold
Reduce Callback Confusion

Section 5: High-Tech Telephone Etiquette
Smooth Your Transfers
Positive Self-Protection
Proper Use of Names
Use Key Words to Solve Problems
Six Essential Steps to Taking Messages
Screening Calls
When Calls Are On Hold
Callback Strategies

Section 6: Fast and Friendly Wording
Clean Up Your Dirty Word List
More Fast & Friendly Wording

Section 7: Set the Stage for Your Success
Organize Yourself for Success
Use a Telephone Journal
Give Your Telephone Some Space
Telephone Technology
Telephone Answering Machines
Find the Real Villain
Make the System Work for You
Getting the Most from Your Telephone and Your Time

Section 8: Worksheets for Group Use
Interview 1
Interview 2
Interview 3
Turn Your Telephone into a Time Management Tool
Practice and Use Fast & Friendly Language
Double-Check Your Skills