Training Methods That Work

Length: 1 day

Description: In this course, participants will learn 17 methods that can add variety to training sessions; how to enhance training exercises by incorporating three distinct stages of learning; how to apply nine key questions for selecting training methods; how copyright law may influence choices of training material; and much more.

Table Of Contents:
PART I. Add Variety to Your Training
Variety Helps Your Training
What Training Methods Should You Use?
Seventeen Training Methods

PART II. Using Training Methods: A Foundation
The Foundation for Using Training Methods
Learning Cycle
Adult Learning Principles

PART III. Preparing and Using Training Methods
Selecting Training Methods
Adapting and Writing Exercises
Copyright Law
Introduce, Conduct, and Process Training Methods
Tackling Your Timing
Evaluating Methods and Exercises

PART IV. Seventeen Training Methods That Work
Method 1: Structured Warm-Up Activities
Method 2: The Presentation
Method 3: Reading Materials
Method 4: Demonstrations
Method 5: Video and Films
Method 6: Note-Taking
Method 7: Discussions
Method 8: Questionnaires
Method 9: The Fishbowl
Method 10: Case Studies
Method 11: In-Basket and Card Sorts
Method 12: Role Plays
Method 13: Role Playing a Case Study
Method 14: Games and Other Structured Activities
Method 15: Clinics
Method 16: Critical Incidents
Method 17: Structured Closure Activities