Virtual Teaming

Length: 1 day

Description: Virtual teaming skills are used to break the boundaries of time and place. This course outlines the principles for using technology to maximize team productivity, working without time and place restrictions, developing good collaboration skills, building trust, and avoiding miscommunication. Virtual teams are not just an idea for the future, they are a reality in today’s workplace. Global economies, new technology, and increased mobility have made virtual teaming an essential tool for modern day business problem solving. You will learn how to foresee and overcome challenges associated with global and mobile team members, so that these teams can implement solutions that work effectively across geographic and cultural boundaries.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Introduction
Why the Move Toward Virtual Teams?
Different Ways to Work Together
Virtual Teams: Benefits and Barriers
Communicate, Coordinate, and Collaborate
Trust: A Foundation for Teamwork
Trust Builders and Trust Busters

Part 2: Joining a Virtual Team
Focusing on Success
A ‘Day’ in the Life of a Virtual Team Member
Recipe for Success: Four Key Ingredients
Urgent Need to Work Together
Shared Accountability
Commitment to Teamwork
Active Communication

Part 3: Getting Started: Considerations, Assessments, and Tools
Checklist for Virtual Teams
Leading a Virtual Team
Cultural Considerations Associated with Virtual Teams
How Will You Benefit?
Individual Readiness Assessment
Sample Team Start Agenda
Create a Team Profile
Team Operating Principles

Part 4: Technology and Communication
What Are Your Options?
Common Definitions for Technology Options
Benefits of Technology-Supported Teamwork
Common Communication Challenges for Virtual Teams
Tips for Successful Communication: Online Etiquette
Guidelines for Using Voicemail
Effective Email Practices
Email vs. Groupware
Common Online Communication Symbols and Acronyms

Part 5: Case Studies and Review
Ten Essentials for Virtual Teams
Two Case Studies of Virtual Teams
Understanding Technology and Teamwork