Virtual Teams

Length: 1 day

Description: This ILT Series course teaches students the fundamentals of working in virtual teams. Students will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of an alternative office, the technologies used to communicate and make decisions, and the obstacles virtual teams must overcome for success. Course activities also cover how to communicate effectively in a virtual team setting, overcome barriers to communication, use technology to facilitate communication, and conduct virtual team meetings. Students will also learn about influencing a virtual meeting’s effectiveness and decision-making methods. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Fundamentals of virtual teams
Topic A: Defining virtual teams
Topic B: Serving in virtual teams
Topic C: Conducting an orientation session

Unit 2: Effectiveness, social dynamics, and decision-making
Topic A: Effectiveness
Topic B: Social dynamics
Topic C: Decision-making

Unit 3: Obstacles and success factors
Topic A: Obstacles
Topic B: Success factors

Unit 4: Communication
Topic A: Effective communication
Topic B: Enhancing communication
Topic C: Communication barriers
Topic D: Technologies used for communication

Unit 5: Alternative office arrangements
Topic A: Working in alternative offices
Topic B: Telecommuting