Wellness in the Workplace

Length: 1 day

Description: Geared toward management, this book explores the benefits of a well-planned organizational wellness program. Case studies and exercises outline the components of an effective health program and its often unappreciated contribution to business success.

Table Of Contents:
Section 1: The Whys of Workplace Wellness
Runaway Health Costs
Chronic Disease Rears Its Head
Lifestyle Choices
Worksite Wellness
Company Benefits
Hale and Hearty Programs

Section 2: Paving the Way Toward Wellness
Wellness Programs at Work
Management Issues
Employee Involvement
Diverse Program Models
Operating Methods
Health Risk Inventories and Appraisals

Section 3: Winning Program Designs
Strategies for Planning
Nine Core Wellness Programs
Core 1: Nutrition
Core 2: Hypertension
Core 3: Stress Management
Core 4: Fitness and Exercise
Core 5: Smoking and Cessation
Core 6: Alcohol and Drug Prevention
Core 7: Weight Control
Core 8: Safety and Accident Prevention
Core 9: Employee Assistance Programs
Dozens of Ideas

Section 4: No Cost, Low Cost Health Promotion Ideas
Screening Programs
Resource Library
Support Groups
Vending Machines
Cafeteria/Dining Room
Activity Clubs
Wellness Week
Theme Weeks
Payroll Inserts
Special Events & Competitions
Poster Campaigns
Wellness Bulletin Board
Health Magazines & Newsletters
Blood Pressure Kits
Wellness Logo
Wellness Calendar
Health Fair

Section 5: Moving On
Program Evaluation
Wellness Councils
16 Ways to Jazz Up a Tired Program
Let’s Get Going

Section 6: Resources