Writing a Human Resources Manual

Length: 1 day

Description: Regardless of company size, employees need to know certain organizational policies, practices, and procedures. This course helps you determine what to include. You’ll learn to write an effective policy and how to test and verify what has been written.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: What Is a Human Resources Manual?
Differences Between the HR Manual and the Policy Manual
Why Do You Need an HR Manual?
What Will This Book Do for You?

Part 2: How Do You Know What to Tell Your Employees?
How Do You Know What to Tell Your Employees?
Finding Out What You Need to Say
Using the Checklist as an Interviewing Tool
Interviewing the Managers
Using the Checklist as a Table of Contents
Thinking Through the Policies

Part 3: Writing Policy Summaries
Sample Statements for a Policy Manual
Sample Statements for an HR Manual
How to Write a Policy Summary
About Style
Exercise 1: Writing for Clarity
Exercise 2: What’s Wrong with This Policy Summary
Exercise 3: Test Your Knowledge!
Testing and Verifying the Contents

Part 4: Using your Human Resources Manual
Using Your Human Resources Manual

Part 5: Review
Can We Help You?
Summary of Worksteps
Updating Your HR Manual