Writing Persuasively

Length: 1 day

Description: When you adapt basic sales techniques in your everyday business writing, you can get your readers to do what you want. This course takes a fresh look at the purpose of most business writing, which is to sell ideas. A five-step model shows you how to grab your readers’ attention and motivate them into action. Use the tips in this book not only to improve your writing, but to build strong relationships with your readers.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Rethink Sales
Recognize Your Sales Purpose
Value the Quick Sale
Step into Your Readers’ Shoes
Part 1 Summary

Part 2: Use the S.A.L.E.S. Model
Write to Sell with a Five-Step Formula
Start by Getting Your Readers’ Attention
Add the Background Essentials and Unique Features
List Benefits from Your Readers’ Viewpoint
Evaluate and Counter Possible Objections
Sign Off with an Either/Or Call to Action
Part 2 Summary

Part 3: Involve Your Readers’ Senses
Understand Sensory Styles
Make It Look Good
Appeal to the Touch
Make Your Writing Sing
Size Up Your Readers’ Personality
Part 3 Summary

Part 4: Adapt Additional Sales Techniques
Make It Easy for Readers to Buy
Prequalify Your Readers
Personalize Your Message
Create a Relationship
Start High on Your Request
Offer a Package Deal
Use Testimonials
Offer a Pilot Program or Trial Period
Establish a Sense of Urgency
Deliver What Your Promised
Show Gratitude
Be Positively Persistent
Part 4 Summary

Part 5: Get to the Point
Go Back to Basics
Keep It Short
Make It Simple
Write the Way You Talk
Get Your Readers Up to Speed
Concentrate on Verbs
Accentuate the Positive
Relax Grammar Rules as Appropriate