Delivery Methods

Classroom Learning

Train under the Guidance of Expert Instructors
PST instructors are the finest in the IT industry. You can count on our certified instructors, they are subject matter experts in the subjects they teach. Our instructors have the flexibility and experience to answer the basic to the most challenging of questions. They are able to share solutions to real-world computer challenges in the workplace. Our attendees give our instructors an average rating of 4.80 on a scale of 1.00-5.00 with 5 being the highest possible score.

Build Practical Skills with Hands-On Exercises
Course participants receive ample opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises and activities, see live software demonstrations and learn about case studies that reflect actual workplace situations. Thanks to course content developed independently of software and hardware manufacturers, your staff always receives an unbiased, even-handed view of new products and technologies.

At Your Site Learning

Bring PST to you for rapid, cost-effective training.
If your organization has many employees with similar training needs, consider On-Site Training at your facility. Whether you require a single course for a small group or extensive training for your entire workforce, On-Site Courses offer you significant savings, ideal location and exceptional convenience with PST quality consistent instruction.

Get More for Your Training Dollar
By choosing an On-Site Course, you can save up to 32% on the cost of sending 10 participants to a PST public course at the standard full-price tuition. Use that savings to get more from your training budget — by providing more training to more people and offering a wider variety of courses for professional development.

Web-Based Learning

Classrooms are still the foundation for education, and half of the learning process is a result of this social interaction — where does on-line learning fit in. When it’s done right, distance learning can add tremendous value to instructor-led training.

PST and ElementK have partnered to offer a comprehensive and fully hosted Learning Management System. This solution supports clients with a wide range of participant management, course management, assessments and personalization solutions.

Scalable – Whether your training needs include 100 participants or 10,000 participants, our system can handle millions of users!

Achieve the Results You Expect…Guaranteed

Every course delivers an effective and enjoyable training experience for your entire team and this commitment is backed by our unconditional guarantee…unless you feel 100% satisfied that we delivered, even more than you expected, we’ll work until you do!

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