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I can’t say enough about the wonderful class and exercise that Ingrid directed. It was very beneficial and will no doubt be a to a contributor to my growth and progression as the team lead. I learned a lot of valuable information and ideas that I will utilize to my advantage. The way Ingrid presented everything was in a away that it really opened my eyes to some things that I, myself, must work on for the betterment of our teams. Ingrid is a phenomenal facilitator. The outside exercises were fun and rewarding.

Very informative & enjoyable.

Excellent training facility and staff!

Instructor presented course with professionalism and enjoyment.

Great course. Cant wait for the next one!

I love the energy here!

PST has it figured out! Good Job!

Most productive & enjoyable class I have attended.

Always with a smile.

Fun & extremely applicable!

Great knowledge of subject! Good materials and instructors.

Will be helpful. Provided clarity. Always the best training. See you again soon!

Gave me a lot to think about on security issues.

Great instructor tailored the course to fit our needs. Great job as always.

I served 22 years in the Air Force and I spent the last three years as the Deputy Director of the DoD Fire Academy. One on my main jobs at the Academy was evaluating some of the best instructors in the Department of Defense. If I were to give the PST instructors a rating it would have to be an excellent. I would definitely recommend PST Incorporated!

Great class. Enjoyed learning hands-on with SharePoint. Thanks!

Great staff & very helpful.


Very good topic and instructor! Highly recommend others to take PST classes!

Good teaching style. Effective use of review and Q&A.

WOW! You have a great thing going here. Your staff is SO professional, but so very friendly and kind. Every member of your team appears to be happy to be working at PST, and I believe that enthusiasm transfers to the students. It certainly did in my case. I was terribly intimidated to come here, and your gang were just so darn nice, I relaxed almost immediately.

The Active Directory, was taught on a level that was easy to understand, and I surprised even myself at how much I actually ENJOYED being in class for a week!

Keep up the good work! My hat is off to you and the rest of your staff!

I will recommend PST to anyone and everyone!

Out of all the schools I went to, PST was the only one who really cared about the students really getting certified and making IT a career.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate working with Brooke. She has been nothing less than professional and accommodating.

PST has been providing professional training for Charleston Air Force Base for more than 10 years. The staff is professional, well qualified and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. As the opportunity exists, we will continue to call upon their services to develop and maintain a highly qualified workforce.

I met with Ingrid PST and was most impressed with her and the team she has gathered – their professionalism and vast training experience are well suited for our companies needs. Ingrid is dynamic and embodies the leadership needed in a competitive market. Conversely she is approachable and accessible to her clients and, from what I see, has that same rapport with her team.

I have had the opportunity to work with Ingrid as a business partner on several occasions, and have always been impressed with her attitude and dedication to her clients. Ingrids professionalism is apparent in every aspect of PST and every team member Ive come into contact with. Its also an extremely good-natured environment, which is pretty important for a training center.

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Michael was helpful all the way through the process of setting my Mac up with Windows so that it would be compatible with my company’s software. He helped me choose the right products for the right price and then had everything set up for me, all within four days. I never had a problem reaching Michael, even when I called him several times a day to ask more questions!! Mike was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with him more and sending him new customers.

Michael is one of the most knowledgeable IT professionals that I have ever known. His ability to quickly diagnose and resolve technical problems is exceptional.

Michael does a great job.

I could not be happier and have already referred someone. I will absolutely do so again.

Besides being a great guy to do work with, Michael is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits – as well as deliver them. He has successfully developed many solutions throughout his career that have resulted in transformational business value for the organizations he has worked with. If you want results and not just effort, Michael is the guy to engage.

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for over 6 years. He is unbelievably conscientious and is deeply committed to his profession as well as his organization. Michael is among the most professional and technically competent clients I have ever interacted with.

Michael Carnell was an excellent mentor for me at my job. He always was there for me if I had a question or was just curious about how something worked.

Michael has been a great resource to me over the last 8 months, as his knowledge base in the IT/IS has helped me on multiple occasions. Since I have little experience in the field (owning a laptop isn’t qualification enough), Michael’s ability to present and demonstrate very technical information in an easy to understand format is a huge asset, not mention he makes it fun and interesting. Those I have referred Michael to have passed along thier compliments, as well. In closing, I will continue to recommend him to anyone looking to add value to their business technology needs. In this day and age, Michael’s service, coupled with integrity, are a must in our complicated digital world.

Michael is a highly-intelligent, level-headed professional that is extremely adept in understanding the linkage between business strategy and technical solutions and how to ensure solutions align with the company’s needs. Michael is candid with information that is based on his vast experience and his ability to thoroughly research a topic. I would highly recommend Michael and would be honored and very happy to work with him in the future. I highly value and trust Michael’s opinion and expertise.

Time and time again, over the course of several years, Michael provided us with authoritative and engaging columns for Intelligent Enterprise magazine on the topic of business intelligence. His copy was always snappy and clean, and allowed his humor to subtly shine through without upstaging the valuable information imparted to readers. He was extremely easy to work with and I always looked forward to receiving his columns, which, as far as I can recall, were always in by deadline. Several times, we called on Michael at the last minute, begging for an extra article when other plans fell through, and he was very accommodating. He always seemed to have an idea up his sleeve.

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Business Skills

Camp Lejeune civilian and military staff have been pleased with your course offerings. We actually doubled the training courses you are providing this year based on your outstanding course critiques.

Outstanding class! Excellent instructor and she does an outstanding job for not having been a Marine. She knew things that many in class did not about the Marine culture and heritage. She certainly showed the importance of adaptation which is what we Marines are known for. I would suggest she work with the recruits.

Best class I have taken in 22 years!

Great communication and people skills. Wanted the course to last longer.

Over the past five years I’ve had the pleasure of attending several PST courses. The classes were centered around leadership development, team building and problem solving. Without a doubt PST’s strongest attributes had to be their instructors. They were always well versed in our mission here at Parris Island and how their material applied to us.

This was one of the best courses I have ever taken! Most just PowerPoint you to death and this was interactive and fun. The instructor really kept your interest and it was never boring, not even after lunch.

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. It was fun and the instructor got us to do activities that I never thought I would do, but it was fun and we learned a lot!

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I have worked with Ingrid for many years and have always found her to be a trusted business partner – she is a true professional with both dedication and a great attitude. Her team has successfully developed training solutions for a variety of our customers that have yielded measurable benefits and customer satisfaction. If you want it done right the first time, make sure to engage Ingrid and her team.

I have worked with Ingrid and her company, PST, for over ten years now. While at a major hospital we hired her company to do our training and everyone was always quite pleased with the results. The students learned what they needed, were never talked down to, and were always encouraged to ask questions. Additionally, I have sent employees to PST in-house classes and the results have been every bit as good. The service that PST offers and the expertise and caring that Ingrid provides instill both confidence and success.

Ingrid always provides us the highest quality service and product. She works with us to determine our needs and goals. Her commitment provides us the best results and the best bang for the buck.

PST and their staff were amazing during my courses with them. They understand the value of feeling comfortable during the learning process and are truly inspiring in how they conduct their class and their business overall. Taking courses at PST was a truly invigorating experience for me. Thank you Ingrid, Brooke, and Maurice; I wish you all the best!

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